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ESG are a UK based specialist supplier in quality homeware, kitchenware and electrical supplies. We supply some of the UK’s largest retailers and work alongside international manufacturers to source, develop and import industry leading products.

Our retail customers include large retailers such as Wilko, Asda, Robert Dyas, Wayfair and Tesco to name but a few, plus thousands of independent stores up & down the country. Our strong brand portfolio consists of household names such as Daewoo Electricals, The Hairy Bikers Kitchenware, ProChef and many more for whom we design, source and supply products.

Starting as a small family-run business, ESG has now been trading for over 40 years and has experienced significant growth. This continuous growth and success is a result of our passion to be the best at what we do whilst keeping our core values at the heart of everything that we do.


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ESG: Eurosonic Group Limited begins as an electrical goods stall on Petticoat Lane in London before transferring to a grocer’s shop on Clapham High Street.


ESG acquires a purpose-built distribution centre. Whilst specialising in electronics, ESG branches out into the housewares industry.


ESG continue to develop our online sales offering, further growing our

partnerships with many online retailers and offering an online platform for traditional high street retailers.


ESG moves to Bury New Road in Manchester, opening an electricals trading company.


Noted as a product specialist, ESG not only focuses on its own brands, but now lends its expertise to licensors and private labels, as a provider of quality products.


ESG expands its manufacturing facilities to India and wins the license of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.


ESG continues it’s remarkable growth, branching out into new markets. In 2016, ESG recorded an annual turnover of £50 million.

Modern Slavery Policy

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The Modern Slavery Act is an important piece of legislation to protect vulnerable workers, respecting their human rights, driving transparency throughout the supply chain and ensuring the supply chain is free from slavery and trafficking. Eurosonic Group Limited (ESG) as a company is committed to striving to ensure there is no modern slavery and human trafficking in any part of our business or in our supply chain.

This statement sets out the steps we intend to take in the future to strive to ensure an absence of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains. This statement sets out the actions we endeavour to undertake during the financial year ending 31st March 2020.


Our Business


Eurosonic Group Limited (ESG) is a family owned business, with firm beliefs that the foundations of a successful business reside in its people. We are fortunate to possess a combination of forward-thinking individuals, who also boast a plethora of industry experience. These attributes have been the driving force behind our development into a trusted partner to UK retailers, and thus one of the largest names in the Import and distribution industry, with well-known brands such as Daewoo, Hairy Bikers, Prochef and Carnaby.


Our Supply Chain


ESG has developed long-standing relationships with a large number of carefully selected suppliers and factories who produce some of our most prominent brands. We are committed to working with our suppliers and factories in the UK, India and China in order to adhere to our supplier Code of Conduct, which reflects our commitment to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place within our supply chains.


Our Policy on Slavery and Human Trafficking


As a responsible Importer and Distributor, we strive to continually improve our systems and processes to ensure modern slavery does not exist within our business, supply chains and product and services we provide, as set out in our Code of Conduct Policy.


Due Diligence Processes


ESG is proud to put our name and branding on a range of unique and high-quality products. Our due diligence processes are designed to demonstrate our commitment to striving to ensure that there is no slavery or human trafficking in our supply chain. The implementation of the policy will be sought through checks and of supplier services and factories by agents, third parties and our staff. Our code of conduct aims to uphold internationally agreed standards of labour, in particular those set by the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI).

We expect those in our supply chain to respect the rights and wellbeing of their workforce, and promote high standards of welfare. Our code of conduct policy sets out our commitment to freedom to choose employment, freedom of association and collective bargaining, safe and hygienic working conditions, no child labour, payment of a living wage, no excessive working hours, no discrimination, regular employment and no harsh or inhumane treatment.


We will endeavour to ensure that those in our supply chain are committed to the antislavery policies, and adhere to our principles as set out in or Code of Conduct Policy. We will continue to monitor our factories by carrying out factory audits both through our agents, our trading teams and 3rd party independent companies




During the next financial year, we will develop in-house training to ensure our employees are aware of and have a better understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking and to increase awareness.

We will actively encourage the reporting of any wrong doing.




Over the coming year we aim to:

  • Improve and develop systems and processes to ensure that our supply chain adheres to our principles and values, including an ongoing review of our Code of Conduct to ensure it is fit for purpose and effective.

  • Review and improve our due diligence and selection process for new suppliers to seek to ensure they, adhere to our Code of Conduct; and

  • Increase awareness within our business.


This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement for the current financial year.


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Why recycle?


Unwanted electrical equipment is the UK’s fastest growing type of waste.

Many electrical items can be repaired or recycled, saving natural resources and the environment. If you do not recycle electrical equipment will end up in landfill where hazardous substances will leak out and cause soil and water contamination – harming wildlife and also human health.

We’re proud to support your local authority in providing local recycling facilities for electrical equipment.


To remind you that old electrical equipment can be recycled, it is now marked with the crossed-out wheeled bin symbol. Please do not throw any electrical equipment (including those marked with this symbol) in your household bins.






What is WEEE?


The Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive requires countries to maximise separate collection and environmentally friendly processing of these items.


How are we helping?


As a responsible Importer and distributer, we would like to provide information in order to help customers understand how to Recycle their electrical and electronic devices free at your local recycling centre. To find your nearest centre, visit the

Recycle More website and type in your postcode.