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Both our in-house and licensed brands are reputable names which are loved by consumers. Our strong reputation and years of experience in the industry means we’ve been able to attract worldwide brands to partner with.


Daewoo Electricals

Founded in 1971, South Korean tech giant Daewoo are one of the world’s leading electronics companies. With a retail value of $30 billion, they are the third largest technology firm in South Korea, behind only Samsung and LG.

In 2014, Daewoo teamed up with ESG to launch Daewoo Electricals. We design, source, import and supply Daewoo products to the UK, with the Daewoo ethos in mind – quality, innovation and performance.

Our Daewoo Electricals range offers quality, innovative and affordable products in areas such as small domestic appliances, heaters, fans, audio products and much more. In just three years after launching our partnership with Daewoo, we sold over 1 million Daewoo Electricals products to retailers across the UK.

We are continuously developing, innovating and expanding our Daewoo Electricals range to keep providing value to consumers and maintain the Daewoo Electricals name at the forefront of the UK electronics industry.

Hairy Bikers

With their irresistible enthusiasm and passion for what they do, Si King and Dave Myers (better known as The Hairy Bikers) have become national treasures in the UK. Having cooked together for over 20 year, it’s safe to say that the pair know their way around a kitchen.

ESG paired with the celebrity chef duo to launch The Hairy Bikers cookware range. We work closely with both Dave & Si to ensure we can design, source and produce high-quality kitchenware that offers great value.

From cast iron pans and knife blocks to ovenware. The Hairy Bikers range combines style and substance in equal measures – and we pride ourselves on ensuring every product in our range meets Si and Dave’s professional standards.

To fulfil our vision for the Hairy Bikers cookware range, we are committed to continuously developing and innovating our product offering. Having become somewhat of a household name in the UK, we supply the range to some of the UK’s leading retailers and are enjoying seeing the brand grow from strength-to-strength


Fine Elements

Our in-house brand Fine Elements​ perfectly ties together well designed home appliances with superb value. Fine Elements specialises in value small domestic appliances, heating and cooling for the home. Our product range includes a number of appliances at varying prices points including kettles, toasters, fans, space heaters, blenders and more. Our Fine Elements products are made with robust materials, functional and simply designed to offer the best value for money to the customer.

Pro Chef

Pro Chef is a high-quality kitchenware range for those who want to cook with the best. What started as a range of essential cookware has extended into a ranged of non-stick cook and bakeware, utensils and gadgets.


Carnaby has long been associated with the stylish boutique look many strive to possess. Each set is designed in England and crafted from the finest quality china and or stoneware. Each set is guaranteed to be a stylish addition to any home.

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